Abstract Magazine TV: SAINT-SMITH & REXACH- featured song: “Slow & Steady” from album ‘Blues, Harmony, Sur’.

Bethany Saint-Smith & Andrés Rexach: a Blues project

I met Andrés via Instagram. He was one of the many guitarists lingering in the hashtag of #blues and when I heard his harmonics and perfect melody, I thought that I was sure we should work together. I reached out to him. Within a short time, we wrote an album together in the course of a week. I’d rough the lyrics and ideas for the melodies and he’d turn around an entire track within the same day. Soon enough we were at his studio, La Guitarrería.

We recorded the vocals all in one day, his studio warm and welcoming. We became siblings at this moment, while we didn’t always fully understand one another through word, because of a simple language barrier, our music was seamless in creation, often times leaving us both speechless. When you create, when you flow and allow music to be what it’s intended to be, it’s the only language that matters. We created a place where blues, electric blues, jazz, rock and a bit of pop love would come together to create Blues, Harmony, Sur. He produced the album, got the band together, worked on the songs and recorded it, had it sent to Achim Wierschem in Germany for mastering.

Thank you to Abstract Magazine TV for choosing “Slow & Steady” for the music portion of your magazine, we are honored to share it with the folks in Oklahoma and around the world.

Visit the link below to read more about the project and the people that made this project possible, including those who recorded on the album and in the live recording you’ll see below; Marcelo Armando Mira, Facundo Ciminelli, Daniel Volpini (first edition).

Abstract Magazine TV: Slow & Steady, by SAINT-SMITH & REXACH

Special thanks to Luciano for filming the show: Luciano Bongiorno Visuales

Thank you,

Bethany Saint-Smith


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