“Legs Crossed”

“Flower Viewing”, a poetry chapbook by Bethany Saint-Smith 


Legs Crossed


They crossed their legs and pulled out their books, waiting to tell me how my skin would crook

And all the while, they fenced their power down

took me along the gravel until I’d finally spit it out

Yes, I’m a woman, before I was even a girl

Yes, I am colored, the color of many worlds

Yes, I am bad

Bad enough to know better

And they weep while taking away my rights

They find me huddling with the clouds plotting my prowl, a vicious fight

And they couldn’t stop me then, they won’t pause me now

There’s a victorious rumble in the seeds of my ground, where all my ways, where all I have been, with all my doubled down doubts settled in

That’s where they gonna find me, beyond the righteous fight

My gimmick too coarse to raise a dull knife

And won’t you tell a friend in case they forgot to know, that you shouldn’t cross your legs against the books you don’t know.


Written by Bethany Saint-Smith, all rights reserved.


flower viewing


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