“One. Thing. After. Another.”

Consequent to my arrival to the hospital, I couldn’t get any one joker to answer me directly as to where I needed to go or who.jpg


“You Don’t” (a song for the memoir)

You Don’t

You either do this or you don’t, you made a choice to grey the won’t

I’ve gotta find the path to my light, you either do this or you don’t

That field, where the evil comes up broken isn’t your meadow of purpose,

It’s the truth I’ve spoken

Here’s a chain for your crutch, go on and shake me down

I ain’t pinned to your fate, I won’t be around

If I stumble while I reach for my sky, can someone please hold me, while the sun turns night

And if you see me with my head down, know I’m alright,

It’s just that I’ve spent my life running from the cry

Bring down the rain, New York City made my name,

Wash down the evil, Midtown kept me sane

Ain’t no tomorrow greater than that flight, have at me, it’s all worth living through tonight.

Song: “You Don’t” © by Bethany Saint-Smith 2018