“We are Waking”

This particular poetry chapbook, “Flower Viewing” is a work in progress and is available here on WordPress for reading. My new chapbook release of “Black Pearls”, is now available on Amazon to purchase, either a paperback or on Kindle!

“Black Pearls”, by Bethany Saint-Smith (poetry chapbook), now available on Amazon!


flower viewing


We are Waking

I chased
dreams that were inspired by
never without shame or a why
to leave home
I left home to a home close by where I could find myself nearly dead and never without a why, darling Modesto- the California in you is honest, though rusted
It wasn’t good enough so I left for San Francisco
I thought to file to Los Angeles, but I flipped that coin wise, child
ended up derailing my womanly heaven in the bay
And when the fresh squeeze ran thin and the people swimming inside me began to drown
I took that truck with her and we went on, New York City bound
eight days and eight stays
Couldn’t find the perfect ashtray, but I called it home and kept them sticks lit so that I couldn’t forget to remember to forget the ways that I wanted to remember them truths I’ve forgotten to forget, oh, Lord.
I tired.
Oh, darling, they sailed and they got away
I went down down down to the deeper deepest south to give this breath another breathe, crossing time overtime of sea
I promised my son that I would be
And to be or not to be, well that is a truth I must go on the green outside to breathe
But I knew when I came back home that those dreams I had been chasing were right here within me
I Pound My Hand On My Heartful chest
And now you know
that these bombs of books we dream up are going off in our hearts and our eyes soften to see truth laced patterns in the details, but we forgot to see the whole and we forgot to breathe whole and
we are not chasing we are waking
Waking, not dreaming and not chasing
We are home. We are waking.

Written by Bethany Saint-Smith, all rights reserved.


“Black Pearls”, by Bethany Saint-Smith (poetry chapbook), now available on Amazon!

Hello friends-

Here’s the link to order the paperback copy of my poetry book, “Black Pearls” on Amazon. You can also get the kindle version. I wrote this book of poems just after I finished writing my memoir. The work in here is inspired by so many different corners that I couldn’t let the memoir touch. It is not for the light-hearted, but if you are light-hearted, this is for you. I put a lot of work into these pages, sometimes knowing their loud words would confuse and possibly wake the dead, but I still let the words sit on the paper, and I let them be free. This version of Black Pearls is my first work to come out in Poetry form. I am grateful to the people who helped me through this chapbook. Cheers, and enjoy.


With Love,


“Black Pearls”, by Bethany Saint-Smith on Amazonblackpearlscover

“Buttons I’ve Saved”

“Flower Viewing”, a poetry chapbook by Bethany Saint-Smith 


Buttons I’ve Saved


These remain mine, but I offer their moment to you

If you hold them up to the sun and find their veins, you’ll withstand, too

And when the moment comes that the light cannot mirror beyond its form

You can press its petals along the empty pages of your tired days’ score

Do not forget to pen, I read

every morn for so long, this is the sewn thread

The morning comes and when I wake I miss to know

That each stem of every flower of my years are home

Do not despair, I sang

These paper pressed flowers, beloved memories my sweet blood brings

And when you’ve had that moment where every line to the sun dims faith

Behold the gold in my dream, the buttons I’ve saved.



flower viewing


Written by Bethany Saint-Smith,

all rights reserved.


Abstract Magazine TV: SAINT-SMITH & REXACH- featured song: “Slow & Steady” from album ‘Blues, Harmony, Sur’.

Bethany Saint-Smith & Andrés Rexach: a Blues project

I met Andrés via Instagram. He was one of the many guitarists lingering in the hashtag of #blues and when I heard his harmonics and perfect melody, I thought that I was sure we should work together. I reached out to him. Within a short time, we wrote an album together in the course of a week. I’d rough the lyrics and ideas for the melodies and he’d turn around an entire track within the same day. Soon enough we were at his studio, La Guitarrería.

We recorded the vocals all in one day, his studio warm and welcoming. We became siblings at this moment, while we didn’t always fully understand one another through word, because of a simple language barrier, our music was seamless in creation, often times leaving us both speechless. When you create, when you flow and allow music to be what it’s intended to be, it’s the only language that matters. We created a place where blues, electric blues, jazz, rock and a bit of pop love would come together to create Blues, Harmony, Sur. He produced the album, got the band together, worked on the songs and recorded it, had it sent to Achim Wierschem in Germany for mastering.

Thank you to Abstract Magazine TV for choosing “Slow & Steady” for the music portion of your magazine, we are honored to share it with the folks in Oklahoma and around the world.

Visit the link below to read more about the project and the people that made this project possible, including those who recorded on the album and in the live recording you’ll see below; Marcelo Armando Mira, Facundo Ciminelli, Daniel Volpini (first edition).

Abstract Magazine TV: Slow & Steady, by SAINT-SMITH & REXACH

Special thanks to Luciano for filming the show: Luciano Bongiorno Visuales

Thank you,

Bethany Saint-Smith

Abstract Magazine TV: Bethany Saint-Smith’s debut of “Bones in a Dress” from Black Pearls (a poetry chapbook)

Abstract Magazine presents: “Bones in a Dress”, a poem from Black Pearls, written by Bethany Saint-Smith

Black Pearls is a poetry chapbook that I wrote just after closing up the pages of my memoir. Its style is dark and dismal, with tales of hushed grains from my past. Inspired by the rerouted roots of southern gothic inflections, and melodies from various authors and songwriters. The unfinished business of my memoir carries through this chapbook. Drawing inspiration from evolving friendships and ties.

I’m honored to have been chosen to partner with Abstract Magazine TV (based in Oklahoma) with a lineup of otherworldly artists that share their music, art, and poetry.

Check out the link above to read.


Thank you,


“Legs Crossed”

“Flower Viewing”, a poetry chapbook by Bethany Saint-Smith 


Legs Crossed


They crossed their legs and pulled out their books, waiting to tell me how my skin would crook

And all the while, they fenced their power down

took me along the gravel until I’d finally spit it out

Yes, I’m a woman, before I was even a girl

Yes, I am colored, the color of many worlds

Yes, I am bad

Bad enough to know better

And they weep while taking away my rights

They find me huddling with the clouds plotting my prowl, a vicious fight

And they couldn’t stop me then, they won’t pause me now

There’s a victorious rumble in the seeds of my ground, where all my ways, where all I have been, with all my doubled down doubts settled in

That’s where they gonna find me, beyond the righteous fight

My gimmick too coarse to raise a dull knife

And won’t you tell a friend in case they forgot to know, that you shouldn’t cross your legs against the books you don’t know.


Written by Bethany Saint-Smith, all rights reserved.


flower viewing

“Flower Viewing” a poetry chapbook

When I couldn’t write an album of music to illustrate the way I had felt about the years I’ve lived through an abusive childhood with my father, I found a place to rest and rumble in writing a memoir. After I wrote the memoir, I found that I was lyrically restless, I had the songs. I spilled them into an album within a short few months. After I wrote that album, I wasn’t done with what was happening. There were bodies of water all over, surrounding me. I found myself caught in poetry. I began my first chapbook, “Black Pearls”, a series of work that has come from some of the deepest parts of my heart and soul. When I finished writing those twenty-something poems, I kept writing, I kept at it. I wrote until I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I have since then, written a script, some short stories, and am now into my fourth chapbook of poetry. A lot of the work is caught up in hopes to be published, but I have decided to keep one chapbook for myself here, where I will share with you the bits and parts of me that have laid low, for years upon years.

“Flower Viewing” is just that. A gathering, a place, where I’ve come to love and appreciate the view of my flowers, all of my wildflowers, the ones that bloom in my dreams, the ones that guitars sing about in songs that you can barely stand or sit to listen to, the ones that further heartfulness and love for peace of mind. One dream I had while writing the memoir stemmed this- I was sitting under a Cherry Tree, while someone handpicked cherries and brought them to me, one by one. I had been crying and the sun still shined, the clouds still rolled, people still passed and I got up and I still went.

Thank you for reading.


With love,


flower viewing.png

War Bound

I craved him at rest
A militant handwritten accord of his home in my lost time
I’d loyally borrow his torment and don them 
as my own honored reserve
committed to hollowing out the fruits 
of hateful and intolerant white noise
the vast corruption of lost aspirations in my rosy head
Had there been a phone to hold to the trickle of my bleeding mum lips
my hankerings would have had nothing more to be said.

by Bethany Saint-Smith